Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A new scout rifle from Ruger -- and it looks good

Check this out at Ruger Firearms News. It appears Ruger has repented of its lapse in building scout rifles, and come up with something interesting indeed. Until I get gun in hand I won't know all about it, but it is an M77 with--get this--a detachable box magazine holding 10 rounds, ear-protected front sight, rear 'ghost ring' peep sight and a rail for whatever long eye relief optic you like. The new stick is called the Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle because Gunsite Ranch and Ruger collaborated on the specs.

Photo © Sturm, Ruger & Co. Used by permission

Now, this is a brand new announcement, dated today, and we have all seen guns announced that never materialized. I have high hopes for this one, though. We will have to wait and see about the questions of price, availability, reliability and accuracy, with reliability being a big concern. A number of manufacturers have muffed the question of making detachable magazines work properly in bolt actions. Ruger, though, has a company history of making things that work, so I look forward eagerly to seeing what they've wrought.

The new gun has something of the look and panache of the Lee Enfield Jungle Carbine. It is in some respects better engineered (basing this on the M77 Ruger action as versus the Smelly) and I would think it will shoot straighter. It appears to be a practical-minded expression of the scout rifle concept, a 'general purpose' compact rifle that will serve for many uses. The idea is that if you have a scout, you have most things covered that you would need a centerfire rifle for. Spec sheet is here.

P.S. If you're wondering where the Ching Sling fits on, stop worrying. The Safari Ching Sling needs only two attachment points, not three, so it fits via normal sling attachments, like those on the new Ruger Scout.

Update, 1-7-11: I found Ruger's instruction manual for this rifle on their site, posted as a PDF file. Perusing it will doubtless answer most questions about the gun and its workings. 


  1. OK Boys, I think I got somethin here that will shed some light on this here subject an maybe save some o you fellers (Especially the smart ones) some Money. Back in the great W-W-2 we already had these so called Scout Rifles but back then we called um "Jungle Carbines".

    Now before you get all flustered, I know Col. Cooper meant well when he come up with this here concept but maybe where he served in the Marines in the pacific, they didnt have no Englishmen with these here fine rifles for him to look at and see for him self...

    so I say in the beginning here that Col. Cooper is hereby absolved of any mistakes he made by Copying an already bein used design. It go's without sayin that he meant no harm an only wanted to help us by havin a rifle that the democrats couldent take away...(Theres a who lot o Liberals readin this that are screamin about now but thats just too bad).

    So, I went over tha checklist Col. Cooper came up with an the only criteria that dont match is that it aint made in America....But Ill get to that later.

    Now HERE is a fine ol Jungle Carbine in 308 (Thats 762X54 to you Liberals) that sold on-Line for $300.00 : (Now Im not sayin that Im the one who bought it, Mind you) And you can also get these in 762X39 (Thats the Evil SKS/AK round, to you Liberals)

    an Here is what it Might look like if I got my hands on it:

    but I would have added one of there extended mags to it so's to keep with the 20 rd guidelines of Col. Cooper:

    and then my finished rifle would look somethin like this:

    Now, about the "wandering Zero" Myth. None of Mine ever have...but if yours does, try "Free Floating" the Barrel (Now I dont expect biginners or Liberals to know what that means but I figgure you old timers will teach um for me).

    Now, I figgure that after all is said an done Id have me about $500.00 in that "Jungle Scout" (Includin a Dandy Scope) an thats just about half of what the Ruger go's for.....

    So, you fellers heed what Im sayin: I aint sayin that this here Ruger scout aint no good, Jus the opposite, Its a mighty fine rifle. All Im sayin is that the idea been around fer a long time an if some O you fellers that having a hard time makin ends meet wants a nice handy Scout rifle but cant afford this here Ruger, then heres one you can own for a lot less, (An at the Range, I bet ya ittl turn more heads than the Ruger will, Hands Down!)

    Your Obt. Svt,
    Col Korn,
    Chief o Mayhem, In the Great WW-2 (An tha Cold War)
    Currently Chief O Security an Sanitation,
    OXOjamm Studios.

  2. Thanks for the amusing writeup, Colonel. Actually the short, full-powered bolt carbine has several examples from the past, the Swedish 1894 carbine, Mauser Police Carbine, Bushmaster conversion of the 1903 Springfield, carbine versions of the Mosin, etc.

    Cooper mentioned the Mannlicher-Schoenauer and the Winchester 94 as inspirations for the scout. I think the fellow on a tight budget should find himself a used .30-30 lever action.