Wednesday, January 9, 2013

An unwholesome convergence

I see some troubling factors in America's current situation, an unwholesome convergence of symptoms in the body politic that are merely annoying singly, but together feel rather like something worse. Can you put your finger on why I feel uneasy?

I do not believe in global conspiracies, only the habit of mankind to repeat the same mistakes: the dog, the vomit, the sow and the mire. Here are the factors I find troubling when seen together:

  • Charismatic leader
  • Leader has some thuggish associates
  • And some very rich and socially elite associates
  • Socialist ideology is popular
  • Economic instability is evident
  • Rising food prices
  • Government interference in businesses and markets
  • Hateful rhetoric directed at the leader's political opponents
  • Evasion of answering the rational cases posed by the political opposition
  • Leader calling for strict gun control
  • Gun control is supported with misleading claims
  • Growing dependency on handouts
  • Recruiting children as political dupes
  • Religion is denigrated as obsolete 
Have a nice day!

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