Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Combat handgun shooting as it is not now done: The FBI crouch

This is quaint. People used to teach and learn this method. There are good reasons why they stopped. Better methods are now available. This video teaches you all about the "FBI crouch", a pistol technique that involves violations of safety rules two and three and firing without looking at the sights. H/t to Youtube user nuclearvault for this bit of nostalgia.

There are noticeable similarities between this ex-FBI method and the Fairbairn-Sykes shooting method. While I am unaware of any formal connection between the training programs, Fairbairn's and Sykes' ideas were popular and widely known in the early post-WWII era.

My own opinion on using the sights is that I like to. At the very least, I like to see the front sight. Very fast shooting can be accomplished by holding the gun slightly lower than you would for normal aimed fire, so that the front sight is seen standing proud of the rear sight. Then you use the front sight as you would a shotgun's bead. That is the best compromise I have found between high speed and close range accuracy. The shot will strike slightly higher than it would if you aimed normally. It is easy to compensate by aiming slightly low. It is all right if your vision is focused on the target and not on the front sight, for the ranges at which you would use this technique are very short.

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