Saturday, September 20, 2014

Invasion USA -- 1952 B movie

If you were wondering where Occupy Wall Street got its rhetoric, here you are: The clip starts at 1:06:10. But watch the whole movie. As well as promoting a strong national defense and opposing military cuts, it is in several ways a fifties nostalgia gem.

A glaring glitch in the film is that the foreign invaders are flying US aircraft. It was common to use military stock footage in movies back in the fifties, whether it actually fit into your movie or not. A little later in the film the careful observer will see the US forces flying US planes too. Okay, maybe to the average moviegoer a plane is a plane. A ship is a ship, a gun...

A Russian PPSh-41 prop gun appears at about 36:45, but the Roosky's sidekick has a good old American M-1 Carbine, stock movie gun wherever a gun was required in the fifties. Cheap war surplus... those were the days.

The ubiquitous William Schallert has a brief role. He was the obnoxious bureaucrat in Star Trek TOS's "The Trouble With Tribbles," and has been in some role large or small in every TV show or movie ever made. I think it's a union rule or something.

A sad moment in the film: Senators get shot.

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