Monday, October 6, 2014

A headlight for your snubnose

I have mixed feelings about mounting a flashlight on a pistol. In some circumstances it is no doubt a good idea, giving you one thing to handle, a combined pistol and illumination unit, not two separate items. On the other hand, people got by for years and years with separate flashlights that they could pull out and use at the same time as the pistol, if needed.

If your flashlight is bolted onto your pistol you may be tempted to violate  Rule Two. For safety reasons, you should not pull out your pistol-flashlight combo unit and use it for illumination when all you really need is a flashlight.

All that said, here is an ingeniously compact version of the pistol light, designed for the little J-frame S&W revolvers. It is available from the NRA Store:  I am considering it, but it occurs to me that if I carry this I will still carry a separate flashlight, in case I need to look at something without pointing a gun at it. That leads to questions of redundancy, and excess weight and bulk, but then again, this small and efficient gun light is not very big or heavy. The light puts out a claimed 100 lumens and is activated by a pressure switch on the grip, located so that you press it when you grasp the gun.

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