Thursday, April 11, 2013

More crazy advice from Joe Biden

This guy sure doesn't want you to have an AR-15. His latest wisdom is that "it can kill your kid in the bedroom." So it can, and so can any gun. Interior walls do not reliably stop bullets, they aren't built to do that. Some exterior walls won't either. Understanding the fields of fire in your house, and beyond your house, is an essential part of becoming knowledgeable about home defense.

A bullet from the AR-15 can pose less overpentration risk in common building materials than many others. That is among the reason why many urban police departments have bought AR-15's.  It is also among the reasons why AR-15's are vastly popular for home defense. What the cops do, and savvy homeowners too,  is load their AR's with lightly constructed bullets that break up easily when they hit something. When such bullets are launched at the AR-15's high velocity, what is supposed to happen is that the first thing the light and fragile bullet hits is the last thing it hits--both overpenetration and ricochets are less likely.

Here are some informative links on the AR-15's cartridge and drywall penetration:

If you Google around, you can find lots more along the same lines.

So far as minimizing (not eliminating) overpenetration dangers, we have a winner, and the winner is...the AR-15, Joe. Not your double barrel bunny blaster.

Yes, any gun may shoot through drywall, but the AR-15 is less a problem than most. Don't fire your gun toward your kid's bedroom. That is Gun Safety Rule Number Four.

By this time in the alleged "broad national conversation" I am no longer crediting the administration's misstatements as mistakes. The discussion has been going on too long. When the President repeats that up to or as many as 40% of gun sales happen without background checks, that is no longer a misstatement, it is a lie. If he was mistaken before he has by now been shown that he is wrong--but he keeps saying it. Even his lapdog Washington Post has called him out on it. Moreover, Biden says it too.When the Vice President says the AR-15 is difficult to shoot, harder to use than a shotgun, and it will kill your children, the falsehood of that likewise goes beyond anything he can hide beneath his well cultivated crazy uncle persona. He's not looking at a different perspective or giving you the benefit of his well considered if erroneous views. He's doing what politicians do a lot of.

The AR-15 is hard to use? Compared to the double barrel shotgun Joe so warmly recommends, the AR-15's recoil is infinitesimal and its very rational buttstock design  --the stock is aligned on the barrel's axis--makes control very easy. The reason the AR-15's assault rifle cousin has continued so long in military service is that it is the easiest rifle to shoot well that we have ever issued. The ease of use of the AR over the double shotgun is further illustrated if you need a third shot. Hard to use? Say it ain't so, Joe.

I have looked into the ballistics of the various caliber choices for home defense, out of curiosity as well as practical interest. While my own conclusions are material for another blog post on another day, the AR-15's cartridge is a good sound choice for the purpose of shooting inside houses or nearby them, and millions of homeowners and numerous police departments agree. Joe, on the other hand, is trying to scare you.

If people cannot sustain their proposals while sticking to the facts, there has to be something the matter with their proposals, don't you think?

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