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Troubling statistics -- Gov't workers abound

I have written previously about the excessive growth of government and the economic hazards that poses. I now read that government workers--state, local and federal combined--outnumber those employed in all these private sector areas, combined:   Construction Manufacturing Farming Fishing Forestry Mining Utilities  As the author of this article points out, the takers outnumber the makers. Now, looking around, it seems to me that we are up to our elbows in various government functionaries and we have laws and rules and forms in triplicate for every  occasion . The cost and scope of government have grown beyond anything  envisioned  by the nation's founders or ratified by the people.  The good news is our excess of government will collapse of its own weight, if we do not manage to rein it in, for things economically unsustainable do not continue. The bad news is the same.