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Baltimore riot footage and a question

There are aspects to this video that I find inexplicable, including the left hand placement and contents. My question is, interfering with firefighters is ordinarily a rather hefty offense. Will any prosecution or even investigation happen in this case? I rather suspect not. It isn't like this was anything serious, like refusing to make a wedding cake with little statuettes two men on top of it.

America? It is gone.

My America, the homeland I honored as the highest expression of freedom's ideals, is no more. Limited government and sweeping individual liberty are things of the past. So is the business environment that sometimes allowed little David companies to become giant killers. We are burdened by taxes, by rules and red tape and the odious creed of political correctness. What happened was that people abandoned God and good as their guiding lights. America has never been a very religious country, but for a long time the cultural influence of Christ's gospel was felt--honored only partially and quite inconsistently, but present none the less and tacitly accepted as a good thing. Now, though, some even openly call the gospel a bad thing. Few ever consider looking to it for moral guidance. This moral end-swap has left us without moral guidance. What we have instead is the desire to impose moralisms, often invented ones, on other people. So the country that started out with people pr