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Lawsuit: The Parkland shooting and duty of police

Judge rejects embattled school deputy's claim he had no duty to confront Parkland gunman: CBS "A judge has rejected a deputy's claim that he had no duty to confront the gunman during the school shooting in Parkland, Florida . Refusing to dismiss a lawsuit filed by the parent of a victim, Broward Circuit Judge Patti Englander Henning found after a hearing Wednesday that ex-deputy Scot Peterson did have a duty to protect those inside the school where 17 people died and 17 were wounded Feb. 14. " Read more: This is, I think, going to take a while for the courts to sort out. What is the particular duty of a cop on the scene?

Buckshot at a distance

Interesting video that proves what many assume. Buckshot pellets are lethal far beyond the range at which the pattern is still holding together in a tight clump. See also: This information should both warn and reassure. It should warn you that the pellets are dangerous a long way downrange, making you very attentive to Rule Four , and it should reassure you that you are not altogether helpless if you must defend yourself with buckshot at a distance. Your pattern density will be appalling, truly hit and miss, but the pellets are dangerous if they hit. You can increase your effective pattern density with multiple shots at the target. That is a "spray and pray" tactic and not very good, but it does exist and is worth knowing about.  

"Trigger Happy Harry," 1946 gun safety video from the NRA

It is engaging and covers the main points. Hat tips to  A/V Geeks for resurrecting this from the archives and  Gun Culture 2.0  for bringing it to my attention. Its gently amusing tone is a reminder of simpler long-ago times.