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Why a revolver? Uh...why not?

The revolver is simpler to operate than an automatic. There is a good deal of subtle mechanical interaction going on among the parts inside, but from the user's point of view the revolver's operation is dead simple and intuitively obvious. Photo By: The original uploader was  Olegvolk at English Wikipedia -  Transferred from en.wikipedia to  Commons by OhanaUnited., CC BY 2.5, w/index.php?curid=3450339 That simplicity extends to loading, unloading, function checking, showing clear and is especially obvious in failure-to-fire drills. You need to know two drills to deal with a stoppage in an automatic, tap-rack-bang and tap-rack-no bang darn. You don't need to know those if you pack a revolver. You don't need to remember to stiffen your wrist, because the revolver does not care if your wrist is firm or limp; it will work either way. The revolver is easier to clean; you do not need to take it apart and therefore do not n