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The Israeli pistol technique--reconsidered

The Israeli shooting method is controversial in America. It is taught at some American gun ranges, demonstrated and discussed on YouTube, written up in shooting publications,  never losing its ability to spark discussions as to whether it does things all wrong. The controversy centers on the Israeli practice of carrying the pistol with the chamber empty, loaded magazine inserted. You rack the pistol as you present it, which readies it to fire. Some Americans insist that this is sure to get you killed, though a lot of live Israelis could tell them otherwise if asked. But let us leave aside, for the moment, the question of carrying chamber empty. It is only one part of the Israeli technique. Some Israelis in particularly tense duty assignments have taken up the practice of carrying the holstered pistol with a round in the chamber. It saves them less than one half of a second to the first shot, in an emergency draw-and-fire scenario. I suppose every little bit helps. When you do the