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The Speech or Debate or Calumny or Innuendo Clause

United States Senators and Representatives have  ironclad immunity for anything they say in the course of their actions when serving as such. They can't be held to account for slander, for example. ...for any Speech or Debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other Place. On some level that is a good idea. It frees them from worry that they are going too far in speaking their minds, so presumably they will not hold back when something needs saying. That should help them to pursue the nation's business without fear or favor. The Kavanaugh hearings have turned over that rock to show what scurries about underneath. Groundless allegations and innuendos have been flung at the nominee, or whispered in corners, to the keen interest of a news and social media audience that may not recognize the groundlessness. Kavanaugh's only remedy, if it can be called as much as that, is to be a terrific Supreme Court justice. For I do not think the smears will work

Ballistical Correctness

YouTube is a silly place, at least when you are there looking at the channels about guns and shooting. Oh, there are some good ones here and there, but a lot of it is pompous bloviation. A case in point: A chap practically raving about how bad the Weaver stance is and why you should not use it, but use instead the competition-proven isosceles. His demonstration is a Weaver stance so bad that it amounts to a parody of the real thing. Well, if that were really what the Weaver is, I certainly would not recommend it either. The Weaver stance, provided that it is correctly executed, is a good one for recoil control. You appreciate it more with pistols that kick hard. (I do not think any of the common self-defense rounds, when fired in full sized pistols, kick hard.) It also improves trigger control when pressing through the long heavy cycle of a double action trigger. Moreover, the Weaver's body geometry comes naturally to riflemen, so that they have less to learn or remember when o

The Jacksonville shooting in perspective

The well-written and well thought out op-ed I have linked below points out what the gun control crowd are getting wrong. They are steering their part of the debate in an unproductive direction. They are oblivious to the problems with society's first lines of defense, strict legal requirements that still fail sometimes to keep unsuitable persons from buying guns. They are hostile toward any use of that last line of defense a homicidal shooter must cross. If any of the potential victims is armed, you see, he (or she) turns from victim to a possible victor. The situation ceases to be a hopeless one. I'll take those odds. - -------------------------------------- Existing Law Didn’t Protect Victims From the Jacksonville Shooter. It Left Them Defenseless. Amy Swearer /   @AmySwearer   /   August 28, 2018   / . . . Court documents reveal that the suspected shooter was  involuntarily committed  to mental health facilities on six different occasions as a teenager, spent 97