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"Atomic Attack" -- a TV thriller from 1954

If you are of such and such an age you will remember the fears touched upon by this 1954 television drama. This is actually a fairly mild representation of the fears many people felt back in the Cold War era. If you are altogether from another time, no doubt you have your own fears, of altogether different things. Give it a watch and figure out why old folks aren't all panicky about global warming, large sodas, evil hamburger chains and a lot of other contemporary "concerns."

Infantry gear through the ages

 Interesting slide show presentation from the UK Telegraph. Go see the whole thing here: It shows all the stuff soldiers carried, in thirteen examples from the year 1066 through 2014. Battle of Agincourt, 1415. Longbow, short sword and rondel dagger WWI, 1916. Notice the mace, at left  Present day, quite a burden