Sunday, April 7, 2013

Unending litany of lies

There are small truths and great truths, noble truths and humble ones, basic truths and profound ones, but all lies are created equal.

Here we have an Illinois politician arguing against the utility of concealed carry, saying that at the Aurora movie theatre shooting in Colorado, no one shot back.


Businesses in Colorado may post their premises against the carrying of weapons, which renders the carry permit invalid on that property. The theater in question did so; it was in effect a gun free zone. Some have supposed that was why the killer chose that theater.

Robin Kelly contributes here to the endless stream of either lies or gross misunderstandings (take your pick) upon which the anti-gun position sustains itself. I don't know what we can do but keep pointing to this stuff, in the hope that the truth will out.

On the good side, Ms. Kelly is reconciled to the idea of concealed carry coming at some point to Illinois, but on the other, she wants it watered down as much as possible. That's progress over what you heard from the region's politicians even ten years ago.

To put the best face on it, and to give Ms. Kelly all the credit possible, what she said about the Colorado shooting was a lie when it was put into a packet of talking points that somebody sent her, but only a misunderstanding when she read it and repeated it. The lie did not originate with her and so she should not be charged with it. At most, she incompletely checked her facts. My hope is that the blogosphere does the public a service, and candidates as well, when we try to keep discussion on the straight and narrow.

I dunno, though. Some people are already as informed as they want to be.

(h/t to Rebel Pundit and The Truth About Guns .)

Note: When Ms. Kelly says Supreme Court she is likely thinking of the Seventh Circuit:  I know, I know...this whole gun issue has turned more complicated than ever it should have, so complicated it's hard for anyone to keep straight. People...keep and bear... How did that get all complicated?

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