Friday, May 3, 2013

Obama thinks you're stupid

Here the president repeats the previously discredited canard that Mexico's gun violence is due to our gun laws:

He thinks his voice reaches people that gun bloggers, NRA circulars and mass media not in the tank for Obama do not. It undoubtedly is so, but we need to make his margin as slim as possible.

What he is doing is echo an old worn yakking point of gun control folks, one which blurs an important distinction. A number of American guns in Mexico were  lawfully sent to militaries and police in Latin America, from whence these same guns mysteriously (elaborate Latino shrug) escaped to arm Mexican gangsters. This is not the same as guns coming from Bubba's Tackle & Bait in Texas, for you do not buy full auto rifles and grenades and machine guns and so on from Bubba. That's a big giveaway. See:

I trust that, furthermore, not even the most ideologically biased anti-gunner can mistake an automatic version of the AK-47 for a USA gun, or a gun obtained through this country. We can't import them. We can't export them, therefore. If you are talking about illegal traffic you are not talking about Bubba's Tackle & Bait, for they are strictly legit. Even their night crawlers are locally sourced and above board. Bubba's will sell you a Shimano reel if you want one, but that is as far as they go with foreign trade.

Let us not overlook that Latin America has its own homegrown arms industry, with Argentina and Brazil,  in particular, making very serviceable guns in both military and civilian designs. A Taurus or an IMBEL is a pretty good gun. Some of them look just like the gringo product unless you examine the markings.

Interesting quote from this 2009 NRA advisory:

...Sen. Feinstein also repeated the claim that 90 percent of guns seized in the Mexican drug war are from America. This claim has become a staple of media coverage, but it's deeply misleading.
In fact, it is unknown where most of the arms possessed by the cartels originate. According to the BATFE, the 90 percent figure only applies to the firearms successfully traced by BATFE. But an April 2 Fox News report revealed that 68 percent of seized guns were never submitted for tracing and only about 55 percent of trace attempts were successful.
That means 83 percent of guns seized at Mexican crime scenes were not traced to the United States, and the true origin of those guns remains unknown. Guns that weren't traced to the U.S. are far more likely to have come from the international black market, or even from some of the estimated 14,000 Mexican soldiers who desert each year.

My word...2009 is a long time ago if you are Obama. Long enough to forget...well, anything inconvenient.

I wish we did not have a president who continues to say things he has reason to know to be false, as he did previously with his insistence that as many as 40% of guns are sold without background checks. Even the Obamaphile Washington Post didn't buy that one.

Here is still more on the Mexico matter from Factcheck, which tries mightily to be fair handed toward all, but most especially to Obama. And it still ain't lookin too good for The One.

Hey. The President dragged this one up again, not me. Every citizen, him too, has free speech. He may say what he likes. When it is a lie, distortion or calumny, everyone else's right kicks in. I don't think he likes the way that works. It has angered him before.

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