Friday, March 14, 2014

Mom shoots "assault rifle" at thugs, police chief approves

Doncha love a story with a happy ending? A mom with two small children ran off three home invader punks by shooting her so-called assault rifle. She did not hit any punks but put them to flight. The Detroit PD soon nabbed the suspects and the city's top cop praised her handling of the situation.

A Hi-Point Carbine, the weapon used here, is of course not an "assault rifle"  though the news says it is. But then reporters often say that about any gun that is halfway modern, or useful for defending yourself. I prefer the term "good citizenship rifle" or "homestead rifle," because "assault rifle" is a specific term in weapons parlance that does not refer to anything you can buy at Walmart or your corner gun shop. If a rifle fires single shots, "pow-pow-pow," but not bursts, "braaaaaap!," then it is only an assault rifle to the misinformed.

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