Thursday, January 21, 2016

New revolver from Kimber America

Those who were thinking that the revolver is a dead letter in the modern world can think again. I prefer the revolver for roles in which it is suitable, for it is simpler to operate than an automatic and a good revolver is vastly reliable. I also do not need to chase the brass for reloading. I simply bring a coffee can to the range and at the end of the day my empties are right there for convenient reuse.

Apparently the thinkers and planners at Kimber have not let all that slip past them. The company, best known for its pistols on the 1911 pattern, has introduced a six shot .357 snubnose. Its size and weight are similar to those of the old Colt Detective Special, which was a six shot .38. The Kimber has the popular double-action-only configuration. Clearly slanted toward the everyday carry market, it looks like something I'm going to need to check out further. More info here: Kimber America | Revolver.

K6s Stainless
Photo: Kimber America

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