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This blog does not collect personally indentifiable information about those who surf to it. If you sign up for email updates, your address is not shared or sold.

Advertisers on this site may use browser cookies to select which ads they present to you, based on your computer's past visits to this or other sites. You may opt out of this process. The method for opting out varies depending on the advertiser. If you opt out, you will still see ads but they will not be targeted to your browsing habits.

Google ads use a DoubleClick DART cookie, which you may opt out of by visiting the Google Privacy Center.

To learn how to opt out of cookie information gathering, go here, or click on the "Privacy Information" link found in the corner of Amazon advertisements.

A great many more advertisers can be blocked from tracking your clicks and visits by opting out at the Network Advertising Initiative

Most companies advertising here can be stopped from tracking your clicks by using the above methods. Occasionally, ads from other advertisers may appear on this site. These advertisers are certified through the Google Adsense network as third party participants. As such they are required to provide you with opt-outs if you visit their web sites.

As a quick and dirty expedient you can delete your cookies from time to time, by using the menu selection your browser provides for that purpose.  Doing that means you will have to log in again to membership sites, but it will vaporize your trail of advertising cookies, too. 

"Flash cookies" can be deleted using the free Flash Cookie Cleaner from ConsumerSoft. They can also be deleted via the Flash Player Website Storage Settings panel.

Here are some useful articles about Flash cookies:

I want you to feel comfortable using my blogs, and to understand that whether or not advertisers make use of your browsing preferences is your decision.

If you have questions about this privacy policy please leave a comment to let me know. The link permits anonymous login if you prefer.

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