Thursday, January 31, 2013

Armed school guard apprehends school shooter

Just today.

An armed police resource officer apprehended the suspect, also a student at the school, “within minutes,” authorities said during a late afternoon news conference. Charges against the suspect are pending...

I want every journalist eating crow who said we were all lunatics for calling for armed school guards. If you are unfamiliar with how to obtain a crow I will show you how to shoot one.

Wait. That would mean I would have to teach you gun safety and how to shoot, unless, like Obama, you "shoot skeet all the time." Journalists who are continually careless with their facts--I'm not sure I'd want the job of teaching them to handle guns responsibly. Get the facts wrong when it comes to safe gun handling and someone could get hurt.

The big story here is the guard who stopped it with only one student wounded. Apparently the student hit was grazed. That's good over all. We wouldn't want any more fuel on the fire of gun ban hysteria  just now, would we, journalists?

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