Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hysterical blizzard of lies

If people propose to do something and justify their proposal with lies, it should be a warning to us that there is something wrong with the thing they propose to do.

The leftists are supporting their drive for more gun laws with an astonishing array of falsehoods. Any lie will do if it advances the cause.

The 40% Fabrication

President Obama has declared that 40% of gun sales happen without background checks. When I heard that I knew it was wrong. I did not have statistics to back it up, just years and years of being around the gun scene. Fortunately someone with info on the stats came forward and shot down the President's canard:

Private transfers occur only rarely and mostly between family members or shooting buddies. There is too much potential for a legal problem otherwise. Give, sell or swap your gun to someone who later commits a crime with it and you will hear about it. It is already illegal to knowingly provide a firearm to someone ineligible to own one.

The "gun show loophole"

A number of states already ban private transfers at gun shows, requiring private deals to use the licensed dealers to run a background check on the gun's recipient. I think this is generally a good thing. It absolves the seller of legal responsibility if the person who ends up with the gun is not on the level. Did you notice that in this supposed national dialog (more like a leftist ranting monologue) the "gun show loophole" canard has been quietly dropped? It is because there is no such loophole, in the states where it matters.

The Second Amendment was adopted to enforce slavery, didn't you know that?

The CDC's supposed gun violence studies

Poet Robert Frost said something that has stayed with me as something clever and wise: "Don't ever take down a fence until you know why it was put up." In the 1990's, Congress stripped the CDC of most of its funding to do gun violence research, over concerns that what was coming out out of the CDC was agenda driven pseudoscience. I rather think that President Obama, who is no fool, knows exactly why that fence was put up, and he wants it down pronto. His executive action bypasses the congressional will in the matter and funds the CDC to go back to what they were doing before.

More here:

The NRA membership does not back the views of the leadership.

Uh...what happens to those voting packets I mail in every year? Wow. Who knew?

The gun companies/NRA profit from bloodshed and support its continuation

You hear this appalling tosh repeated with variations from several sources. A brief exercise in common sense refutes it. First of all, the people involved in the industry are not ghouls. Secondly, gun violence is bad for the gun business, in part because it tends to bring on more and bigger and more burdensome laws to deal with, most of them useless.  If anyone is for gun safety and against gun violence it is the person directly involved in the business. No one has pushed harder for gun safety education and gun violence laws that work. The laws that work are those that target criminal misuse of guns. The spin here is that the NRA, gun industry and shooters do not support the same pro-safety, anti-violence measures as the leftists. Therefore we must want children to die! Nonsense. No, it's something worse than nonsense, more of a calumny or libel.

You're all really racists. 

You can't make this stuff up.

A professor from a public university on Wednesday claimed mass shootings, such as those in Newtown Conn., and Aurora Colo., are often the effects of jilted “white privilege.”

Robert Jensen, who is a journalism professor at the University of Texas at Austin, also suggested race-based alienation is a motivating factor behind some parts of the conservative Tea Party movement. 
“Why are the men who commit mass murder disproportionately white?” Jensen asked rhetorically. “My guess is that it has something to do with the sense of entitlement that most white people feel.”

Read more:

Uh...Could it be that the people who live in this country are "disproportionately white?" Just sayin...

( – Documentary-maker and liberal activist Michael Moore said the reason for mass shootings in the United States is largely due to fear and racism, and on Christmas Eve he pleaded, “calm down, white people, and put away your guns.”
Read more:

"Good guys with guns" can't stop mass shootings

Ann Coulter did a neat job of disposing of this one, so I'll let her tell it:
In a nonsense "study" going around the Internet right now, Mother Jones magazine claims to have produced its own study of all public shootings in the last 30 years and concludes: "In not a single case was the killing stopped by a civilian using a gun."
This will come as a shock to people who know something about the subject.
The magazine reaches its conclusion by simply excluding all cases where an armed civilian stopped the shooter: They looked only at public shootings where four or more people were killed, i.e., the ones where the shooter wasn't stopped.
If we care about reducing the number of people killed in mass shootings, shouldn't we pay particular attention to the cases where the aspiring mass murderer was prevented from getting off more than a couple rounds?
It would be like testing the effectiveness of weed killers, but refusing to consider any cases where the weeds died. 
In addition to the Portland mall case, here are a few more examples excluded by the Mother Jones' methodology:..
Read more:

I could go on...

But by now you get the drift. With so many bad reasons being offered for new anti-gun proposals, I am forced to conclude that there is a shortage of good reasons. 

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