Saturday, January 26, 2013

The NRA's Wayne LaPierre speaks up

Some news media outlets are distinctly one-sided in their coverage, giving every advantage to the anti-gun side and short shrift to the other. Fortunately we still have some choices in our news sources. Fox News gave Wayne LaPierre a chance to answer some of the allegations and to attempt to bring some clarity to the discussion.

If you have been following the news from other sources, you might have the impression that Wayne LaPierre is a lunatic, but he seems sensible enough when you listen to him rather than people talking about him, people who have long been hostile to his position. Well, you decide: Does he sound crazy to you?

18 January 2013

Here he goes into more detail, speaking before the Weatherby Foundation's annual dinner. He sounds pretty level-headed to me! In fact he goes right to the heart of this debate, which is finally about truth versus hysteria and involves intentional distortions on the other side, even distortions of the meanings of words.

22 January 2013

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