Saturday, January 12, 2019

The news that isn't

We have gone beyond pretense that news reporters are even-handed arbiters of truth. Uncle Walter doesn't live here anymore. We have, instead of news reporters, shills for positioned statements. A negative report on abortion loses you your job. A positive one lines you up for the next promotion.

What else?

Gun control!

Climate change: It's too cold out it to call it warming anymore.

LGBTXYZ, tell me what you think of me.

Newsmen blame the Internet for their falling circulation in print, and they blame the Internet for their falling revenues online. It never occurs to them that nobody cares what they say.

When I learned reporting, and that was at Point Park, so no one thinks I am a J-school elitist,  a straight story was who what when where why. We didn't cram a social agenda into every paragraph.

Pimp guns versus barbecue guns: What is the difference?

Both terms refer to fancied-up pistols; I am having trouble pinning down the distinction. Perhaps it depends on what you think of the bearer. But I am not sure that will wash. If I looked at Gen. Patton's dress-occasion .45, without knowing to whom it belonged, I would class it as a pimp gun.  But he said that pearl handles were bordello style; his gun wore ivory. He said that objecting to a news report that talked about his "pearl-handled" pistol.

Image result for gen. george patton pistols
Patton's .45 SAA

A barbecue gun ought to say something about the user: his life at arms. Patton's gun suited him; he was in on the Pancho Villa business, near enough to being Old West for a stylized Colt to make a statement.

In my life, I have carried concealed when I carried, or else schlepped a long gun, a Parkerized one and thus not at all fancy. It never greatly mattered what my pistol looked like, since I carried it concealed. The trouble is I have been thinking of getting a fancy pistol for formal barbecues, but I have no ideas. In my world, pistols were invisible if you knew what you were doing.

Related image

The Browning Hi Power is a favorite of mine, but this one is again too fancy for my tastes. Likely this gun did not belong to a pimp either. The illustration suggests the owner was a priest, or perhaps a very worried layman. "...In the hour of our death, amen."

Image result for pimp gun

This one likely was a pimp gun.

I don't think any of the above tasteful, but ostentatious. Perhaps at the next pistol-packing barbecue I attend I will simply carry concealed as usual.

Overheard at the range

A visiting canny Canadian remarked: "If you cannot kill it with a .303, perhaps you should not be bothering it."

Friday, January 11, 2019

Sheriff suspended in Parkland shooting aftermath

From the Sun-Sentinel:
Gov. Ron DeSantis removed Broward Sheriff Scott Israel from office Friday, replacing him after 10 months of turmoil spawned by the slaughter of 17 staff and students in Parkland.
The governor replaced Israel with former Coral Springs Police Sgt. Gregory Tony, 40, who has a background in active-shooter training. . .
Israel vowed to vigorously fight the suspension, accusing the governor of carrying out a political mission because the sheriff had spoken out against gun violence.
“This was about politics, not about Parkland,” Israel said. . . 

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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

I guessed right: New Colt King Cobra .357 Magnum

New from Colt, the .357 Magnum King Cobra, shown here. I admired the new model Colt Cobra .38, introduced in 2017, for updating the Detective Special with a lighter DA trigger pull, a more comfortable grip frame and much better interchangeability of parts. Noticing the Cobra's strong construction, I supposed when it came out that a magnum version would be along if the basic gun sold well.

Tah-DA!  I had rather hoped the magnum version would have a 3- or 3.5-inch vent-ribbed barrel and adjustable sights. Perhaps that is in the works, but what Colt has come up with is more utilitarian, with no vent rib on its 3-inch barrel. Sights are fixed but the front one can be swapped out easily.

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Friday, December 14, 2018

Lawsuit: The Parkland shooting and duty of police

Judge rejects embattled school deputy's claim he had no duty to confront Parkland gunman: CBS
"A judge has rejected a deputy's claim that he had no duty to confront the gunman during the school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Refusing to dismiss a lawsuit filed by the parent of a victim, Broward Circuit Judge Patti Englander Henning found after a hearing Wednesday that ex-deputy Scot Peterson did have a duty to protect those inside the school where 17 people died and 17 were wounded Feb. 14. "
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This is, I think, going to take a while for the courts to sort out. What is the particular duty of a cop on the scene?

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Buckshot at a distance

Interesting video that proves what many assume. Buckshot pellets are lethal far beyond the range at which the pattern is still holding together in a tight clump. See also:

This information should both warn and reassure. It should warn you that the pellets are dangerous a long way downrange, making you very attentive to Rule Four, and it should reassure you that you are not altogether helpless if you must defend yourself with buckshot at a distance. Your pattern density will be appalling, truly hit and miss, but the pellets are dangerous if they hit. You can increase your effective pattern density with multiple shots at the target. That is a "spray and pray" tactic and not very good, but it does exist and is worth knowing about.