Monday, July 28, 2014

Colorado update: The 40% turkey comes home to roost

I earlier reported* on a big lie foisted on the public by Obama et al, that up to 40% of gun sales happen without background checks. Anyone involved in the gun scene knew that could not be true, that the figure was grossly exaggerated. When our reasons were shown, Obama and a Greek chorus of "news" reporters kept on saying it anyway: Forty percent, forty percent, forty percent.

Now the lie is exposed for all to see, as Colorado's new and superfluous background check law has roped in all the desperados transferring guns in above-board private sales. The law has now been in place for a little over a year. The actual number of private sales is very small, scarcely justifying the expense of a program to monitor such things. You end up monitoring shooting buddies swapping guns, or country folks adding a gun or two into a complicated horse trade for a truck. Honest people mostly get their guns through the FFL process, the exceptions are generally trivial, and crooks will not comply with background checks in any case. Colorado's universal background check law is a fraud.

We told you so. Such laws solve an imaginary problem, to the inconvenience and expense of honest gun owners, and do nothing whatever to inconvenience criminals. Repeal this turkey of a law.

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*My previous posts on the 40% fabrication:

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